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With a paperless office, you’ll be up to speed

Gestion BSP offers you the technology to make managing your electronic files easier. Using our skills, our experience, and our tools, we provide you with simple solutions which allow you to stem the overflow of paper documents. Becoming a paperless office provides you, your employees, and your clients with many advantages. Develop good document management habits, and realize significant savings, to your company’s benefit.

Save Space
Getting rid of the paper your company generates is the first step to reducing storage and filing space.
By doing so, you can make your workplace even more profitable. Bottom line: a paperless office will help you save money, because you'll no longer have to set aside as much of your budget to rent storage space for your filing cabinets, your shelving, and your boxes.
Save money
By choosing to transition to a paperless office, you'll save considerably on your organization's operating costs.
Think of all the things you'll spend less on: computing equipment, shipping, storage spaces, stationery, energy consumption, technical support, etc. Moving towards a paperless office is a worthwhile solution to reducing your company's operating costs, while increasing your productivity, and storing valuable data carefully gathered over the years.
Save Paper
Gestion BSP helps you develop tools customized to your business, so that all your files can be properly managed and monitored, without paper.
Too much paper becomes a problem when we no longer know how or where to store it all. This becomes all the more problematic when one has to send documents to colleagues or clients, and risk losing important information. Take staff who manage accounts payable for example… Making electronic transfers to bank accounts is a highly-efficient solution to fixing the problems created by too much paper.
Optimal Filing
A paperless office is the obvious solution to put an end to records-retrieval problems, with a consistent, easy-to-use system.
By adopting a shared document structure, your entire organization will be able to find the information it needs, quickly. Not only will your business become more efficient, but this new way of working will reflect your team's professionalism. Gestion BSP provides you with an archivist's services for consistent filing, in accordance with best practices.
Efficient Archiving
Together with our experts, set up an archiving schedule to maintain the durability of your data.
Structure your archives in an organized way, in accordance with best practices used in the field of electronic document and archive management. Using our service, you can properly manage your living, active, semi-active, and dead records. With our experts' help, create a schedule which allows you to set standards for the storage of your records.
Gestion BSP will provide you with simple solutions to help you increase your productivity and your efficiency, all without paper.
Increasing an organization's productivity is the main reason for going paperless. Gestion BSP puts an integrated approach at your disposal, which effectively allows your business to be more efficient, using a range of document management services and tools, particularly through the use of cloud computing.
Using the tools available to you (e.g., cloud computing) work together with your colleagues and your clients.
Becoming a paperless office involves the electronic sharing of information. From schedules to working documents, cloud computing allows people to share files by granting specific rights to other users, for example. By sharing documents electronically, you will minimize data loss-related risks, and will be able to keep track of various project-related steps (changes, comments, approvals, and more).
Real-time Collaboration
When you choose to manage your documents electronically, you benefit from a number of computing tools that enable you to work simultaneously on a number of projects.
The functionality of tools in the Google Apps suite makes it possible for several people to contribute to the same document, in real time. Encourage teamwork and save time by simultaneously collaborating on your company's various projects.
Remote Access
In the age of telecommuting, it's about time paper was eliminated and your team had anywhere-anytime access to files.
Wherever your staff find themselves, distance is no longer a barrier to work. Working in a paperless office, you will have access to all your files, even remotely, all without risking loss of documents in transport. With telecommuting being an attractive approach nowadays, your team will appreciate this.
Gestion BSP makes the security of your data a high priority. Rest assured that, in choosing a paperless office, your information will be stored securely.
Data will remain on off-site, secure servers in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 information security management systems standards. So your data is always safe from threats, and from people with malicious intent. In case of staff changes, all you need to do is change the access-level authorizations for your documents and folders.
A Green Solution
Go paperless, and make your company a greener one.
Eliminating paper from an office is an effective way to reduce your ecological footprint. In effect, by making this significant change, you will reduce your energy-related expenses (air conditioning and ventilation of server rooms, electrical power to computing equipment, etc.) by a significant amount.
Google Apps
Gestion BSP is an authorized Google Apps reseller, providing you with its expertise in and technical support for the implementation of cloud computing tools.
The Google suite combines performance and efficiency and user-friendliness. Using all of its available functionality, including the ability to host and manage your Intranet site, together with our training customized to your organization's operational requirements, you will reap many lasting benefits.