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The Cloud, Within Your Reach

Google Apps is an optimized solution that allows you to manage your day-to-day, at the ofice. Our approach integrates the implementation of the suite and personalized training to guide you in the use of cloud computing, which has a number of benefits.

Affordable Price
For only $5.00 per month, per user, you benefit from a flexible, quick-to-install solution.
Very affordable for companies of various sizes, using Google Apps does not require the purchase or management of private servers and includes a training website, a section listing new products and useful or new applications.
The most recent security updates are at your fingertips.
Compliant with the international ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information security management systems standard, Google Apps includes a great deal of security-related functionality, designed to guarantee you security and control over your data.
Google Apps Works with all devices, and allows you to work with different file types.
Usable on all computing platforms, the Google Apps suite gives you the flexibility of being able to work on spreadsheets, presentations, standard texts, forms, and more. Google Apps also allows you to synchronize PDF or AutoCAD files, videos, photos, and much more!
Effective Collaboration
Thanks to sharing and storage in the cloud, everyone has access to the most recent version of every document.
Collaborate with your colleagues in real time, and move your project forward faster, while preventing an increase in the number of documents produced. You can, of course, choose with whom and how you want to share your work, to maintain the security of your data.
Accessibility and Mobility
Google Apps is accessible at all times. Take your email, calendar, your documents, and your Google sites wherever you go!
The network of Google data centres offers an exceptional level of security, and guarantees reliable access to your data at all times, without interruptions. Your employees and your associates can be productive no matter where they are, whether working online, offline, at home, at work… or anywhere else.
Green Solution
Moving to Google Apps helps reduce your ecological footprint, and your energy-related expenses.
Because Google Apps uses Google's energy-efficient data centres, this solution requires a lot less power, and emits far less carbon than the servers usually located on your company's premises.