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Since 1996, Zoho Corporation has been providing business and marketing software to companies in all industries. The Zoho CRM is one of its best-known and most successful creations. This customer relationship tool is primarily targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, although it is also suitable for large companies. As a premium partner of Zoho, we have the privilege to test and use all the features of this CRM solution. We are also qualified to integrate the software into your system and to train your users.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho is known in the world of customer relationship management software. The firm designs software with a wide range of functionalities, such as email management, instant messaging, CMS, video conferencing… and, of course, CRM. Its CRM tool remains its greatest success. 

The strength of Zoho’s CRM system lies in its flexibility and extreme efficiency. Users of the software can more easily manage interactions with prospects, from their acquisition to their conversion to customers by the sales team. The tool also helps optimize customer interactions, thereby maximizing buyer retention. Startups and SMBs that use Zoho’s software CRM have a powerful lever to increase their revenues in the medium and long term.  

Zoho CRM‘s qualities are recognized by specialized evaluators like Gartner. Not surprisingly, Zoho’s CRM has won over world-class companies like Bose, Suzuki and Amazon. In total, the publisher’s solutions support more than 250,000 companies and 50 million business users across 180 countries on a daily basis.

Zoho CRM: Who is it for?

Zoho’s 250,000 CRM customers work in a wide variety of industries and have equally diverse profiles and organizational models.

Users of the software currently cover areas such as:

Real estate management.
Charitable organizations.
The Manufacturers.
NFP and NPO.
The distribution.
Brokers (real estate, mortgage and insurance).
Retail sales.
Financial services.
Service companies.
The manufacture and sale of high-tech tools.

Customer requirements in each of these areas are very different, as are compliance standards, security standards, business processes and information elements. Yet Zoho is able to meet each user’s expectations through the power and flexibility of its relationship management solution.  

With Zoho CRM software, customer relationships reach a level of personalization that benefits each user’s business. Most importantly, the software provides companies with all the functionality they need to boost customer engagement, multiply their return on investment, and maximize their sales operations.  

All of these tools work in synergy to more intelligently manage the progression of leads through the sales funnel. Here are some of the operations that Zoho CRM performs according to the user’s business strategies:

B2B emailing management.
B2B prospecting.
Lead capture.
Lead nurturing.
Monitoring of interactions with leads.
Automated transfer of mature leads to the sales force.

Tracking the evolution of leads into contacts and then into customers remains easy in Zoho CRM, even though the company manages a large number of leads from a wide variety of sources. 

For example, an electronics manufacturer can be alerted instantly when a prospect listed in the CRM software identifies or mentions them on Facebook or gives their opinion on other social networks. The marketing agent or sales team in charge of this profile can then respond quickly.  

This reactivity has a positive impact on the company’s image with the prospect, but also with other users who follow the exchange. The quality of the interaction can push the prospect to show more commitment and even become a regular customer of the brand.

The benefits of having a CRM

CRM software is an indispensable ally in customer relationship management, improving the performance of a company’s sales team and marketers. Analysts’ findings confirm that CRM software has a positive influence on the quality of the user experience and on the sales of business users. The following data are particularly striking:

An optimized UX experience builds customer loyalty.

According to ClickFox’s 2020 findings, respondents particularly value 24-hour customer service, with 33% of respondents giving loyalty to brands that offer such service. 20% of customers are receptive to rewards for purchases, while personalized products and exclusive offers appeal to 11% and 12% of respondents respectively.

Customers are willing to pay more and spend more for better service.

In this American Express study, the correlation between the quality of the customer relationship and purchase volume is clear. More than 33% of respondents are willing to spend 5% more with a company that provides excellent customer service. Nearly 15% are willing to increase their purchases by 20% in exchange for a great user experience and customer relationship.

Companies recognize the multiple benefits of CRM.

Based on a sample of 500 companies, Tech News World has identified 10 proven benefits of using a CRM. Obviously, improved customer service and relationship management ranks first. Business users also praise increased customer satisfaction, increased business opportunities, optimized marketing campaigns, increased sales and reduced costs.

Benefits of Zoho CRM

If we analyze CRM reviews on specialized comparison sites, the software developed by Zoho Corporation is always among the best rated solutions. This reputation comes from three major factors:

Its simplicity of use.

Zoho CRM’s web and marketing features are easy to use (it is considered idiotproof). No need to master coding or programming to get familiar with the software’s interface. The commands for the different features are easy to find and the hierarchy of tools is very ergonomic.

Its versatility.

Zoho’s tools are designed to collect, collate, synthesize and process CRM data from a variety of sources. To make this process smooth, the software must work seamlessly with all other systems involved in customer relations, marketing or sales. Zoho CRM easily accepts macros and integrations from applications such as Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Mailchimp or Quickbooks among others.

Its connectivity.

The Zoho CRM API is based on the REST API and allows you to connect Zoho to multiple applications. So when a customer calls you on your IP phone, the full picture of that customer opens up so you know who you are dealing with and what their history with your company is. With Zoho CRM, you will quickly understand the situation of the customer who calls you and you will be better able to respond to their requests.

Its very high level of automation.

Monitoring and scoring thousands of leads at once, from data in disparate formats, is a daunting task. Fortunately, Zoho CRM has exceptional computing power and automation capabilities. Complex and time-consuming operations, such as lead routing, automated follow-ups and lead scoring are simplified.

The power of its artificial intelligence.

Since 2018, Zoho CRM has been equipped with an artificial intelligence called Zia. This AI works as one of the most intuitive intelligent sales assistants, which easily integrates with the user’s marketing tools dashboards. This artificial intelligence is compatible with the web and mobile versions of the CRM software. The user can simply call it from his smartphone – or launch a search on one of the web forms – and ask it for all the information he needs. Zia displays the results in a few seconds.

Zoho, has a solid reputation among startups, SMBs and even large enterprises. This CRM is both powerful and easy to use. The software exists in French in its free version and also in its premium version. Zoho reviews describe this software as an ergonomic, versatile and flexible solution. 

How to make the most of these qualities? Nothing could be simpler: ask for your Zoho CRM from the editor or from one of its premium partners, who will take care of the integration of the tool and the training of your staff.