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Zoho is a suite of software designed to simplify and optimize different areas of your business, from accounting to customer relationship management, marketing, and human resources. At Gestion BSP, a Zoho premium partner, we can accompany you in your digital transformation project and offer you the tools that will allow you to obtain the best results. Discover Zoho Creator, a software designed, among other things, to accelerate application development and centralize your data management needs.

The benefits of cloud applications

Cloud-based applications have many benefits for your business. Here are some of them!

The cloud allows you to access your applications wherever you are and whatever device you are using.
Cloud hosting requires no upfront costs. Regular payments include everything you need.
No maintenance is required to keep your software in perfect condition, as this is the responsibility of the service provider.
The cloud service provider always ensures that the best security measures are used.
Cloud software deploys faster, since no physical server is required.
The cloud and its technologies are able to follow the evolution of your company thanks to their great flexibility.
Since the need to maintain on-site servers is eliminated, the cost of power and other resources is zero.

With Zoho Creator, you get all these benefits and more. With this software, you can collect data, automate processes, analyze report data, and enjoy various other features. Plus, every app you create with Zoho Creator comes with a native app for Android and iOS.

For who ?

Service company

Manage what ?

Project management
Inventory management
Procurement management

+ What is a cloud application?

A low-code application platform (LCAP), such as Zoho Creator, is used to develop applications quickly using modular approaches and low-code and no-code techniques. This simplifies application development and makes it accessible to novices, who can create and test applications without having to write the code. Applications that directly address your business needs can be deployed at the touch of a button using pre-existing templates.

+ The cloud application: for which applications?

A cloud application is particularly relevant for the use of customer relationship management (CRM) technologies. These focus on your business relationships and aim to improve them through various more precise tools (database, project management, inventory, timesheet, accounting, purchasing, orders, etc.). The cloud allows you to have a central location where you can keep all your important business data and access it quickly.

+ Native versus cloud

On-premise and cloud software have some differences. Here are some of their peculiarities:

  • On-premise software is deployed in-house, while cloud-based software does not require on-premise hosting.
  • The company with on-premises software has to pay for maintenance, upgrades and updates, while using the cloud only requires paying for the resources used and the consumption made.
  • The on-premises software provides full control over the company's data, while the cloud data and encryption keys are kept at a third-party provider.

+ Cloud versus Web applications

Cloud-based applications provide access to online services and do not depend on web browsers to function. Their data is stored on cloud infrastructures and supports different user requirements.

Web applications are essentially designed for use on a web browser. Various server and client scripts are required to develop them and they can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser.