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Zoho Books online accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses has been integrated within Zoho’s premium partner BSP Management products since 2018. It is part of Zoho’s suite of software that enables small and medium-sized businesses in all industries to take advantage of powerful solutions to manage their entire business and improve the way they work. Using Zoho Books, a powerful, intuitive and scalable software, in your business allows you to benefit from a single operating system that can adapt to all your needs. You also have the ability to easily integrate other applications with your business tools. Discover Zoho Books now!

Why have an accounting software?

Using accounting software, such as Zoho Books, has a multitude of benefits for your business. This tool can, among other things, allow you to manage your accounting and tax obligations in one place. Its functionalities are varied and meet your common and specific needs. They are able to support your company’s development thanks to their flexibility, allow you to save time by automating certain tasks, limit the risk of errors and allow you to simplify exchanges with your accountant. Your company’s productivity is the winner, and yours as well, since you have more time to concentrate on your most important tasks!

+ Cloud-based accounting software features (versus native)

Accounting software is available in the cloud. If you study the two options properly, you will discover that the first one has significant advantages to meet your business needs. Here are some examples of what cloud-based software can do for you:

  • Access to the software for a large number of users;
  • A wide range of devices can connect to the software, both in the office and on the road;
  • The possibility to adapt and transform the software by choosing technologies that will allow you to optimize your accounting;
  • Automatically and securely back up your data, giving you peace of mind in the event of a device failure or theft, for example;
  • Regular updating of all platforms.

Why Zoho Books?

There are many good reasons to choose Zoho Books for your accounting, such as the following:

Quality technical support that you can quickly rely on, via email, chat or phone;
Transparent prices, with no surprise increases, that clearly show you what features you can use;
An integrated platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your business;
Easy import and export of data.

With Zoho Books, you can also design predefined price lists for individual customers, collect prepayments, give your customers access to their invoices and quotes, create custom invoices that reflect your company’s brand, and much more.

What is Zoho Books and what are its features?

Zoho Books accounting software is an online tool that allows you to manage your company’s accounts (customer management, invoicing, payment reminders, etc.), collaborate in real time with the right people (various authorization levels for each collaborator, accounting reports, real-time sharing, etc.), and take advantage of increased data security (encryption, high-tech infrastructure, etc.).

As part of the larger Zoho ecosystem, it has several out-of-the-box integrations and communicates directly with other Zoho applications used by your business.

Account Management

Account Management

  • Client management
  • Invoicing
  • Automatic recurrence
  • Payment Reminders
  • Bank reconciliation

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration

  • Real-time sharing and collaboration
  • Several levels of authorization for each employee
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Accounting reports

Data security

Data security

  • Secure server Hosting
  • Data encryption
  • High-tech infrastructure

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