Zoho Recruit, ATS, free recruitment and HR management software


Zoho, of which Gestion BSP is the premium partner, is a suite of software designed to accompany small and medium-sized businesses in the various spheres of their business management. The use of one or more Zoho applications simplifies the way you work, while respecting the growth of your business. BSP Management’s partnership with Zoho provides you with the advantage of being able to quickly and easily combine multiple Zoho software applications that will communicate with each other and improve the management tasks within your company. Read on to learn more about the next big thing for your small business and your HR department: Zoho Recruit!

What is Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit software is a cloud-based applicant management system. It aims to provide recruiting firms, corporate HR departments, and temporary staff with solutions that address the various issues recruiters face. Zoho Recruit is able to help your small business find and hire the candidates you need, intuitively and remotely, without having to juggle multiple platforms and media.

Zoho Recruit allows you to customize your search items, automate tasks like sending emails or updating your company status, and plan the best strategies to make your hire a success.

Human Resources Software

Track important employee data
Easy management of human resources
Manage your performance evaluations

Engage quickly and more efficiently

Zoho Recruit, if you are:
A recruitment agency
A corporate recruiting company
Temporary work agency
Combines with multiple other applications including Folks HR
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A permanent solution for temporary employees

Organize schedules with ease
Timesheet management
Payment and report facilities

What does ATS mean?

The acronym ATS comes from the English expression “applicant tracking system” and translates into “application management system”. It is a software program that helps companies in their recruitment and hiring process by managing job offers, applications and various other steps in the process. Its role includes tracking candidates, simplifying interview scheduling, and issuing notifications and alerts to those responsible for recruitment.

The applicant management system is also used to target the most qualified individuals for job openings. It is able to perform candidate analysis using keywords and algorithms to expedite the review of resumes.

Who uses Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is designed to be used by companies and staffing agencies seeking permanent and temporary workers. It is the leading online recruiting software with features that make it easy and accurate for small and medium-sized businesses and staffing firms to find qualified candidates. It integrates easily with many Zoho and third-party applications and enables recruiting on the go!

The different packages for the different partners

Zoho Recruit models itself after you and your business needs so you can optimize your recruiting and its results. Here are just a few examples of what users can do with this system!

  • Recruiting firms: use Zoho Recruit to find talent faster, run background checks, automate their recruiting process and customize their resume templates.
  • Corporate HR departments: use the software to facilitate the sending of offer letters, create an employer brand, effectively manage their territory and convert candidates into employees.
  • Interim staff: can benefit from orderly scheduling, faster payments, options for traveling employees and an interim employee portal.