Toiture Couture

We hired the entire BSP team to implement Google Workspace in our organization. The BSP team is creative and dynamic, and isn’t afraid to take risks. In my opinion, force majeure is their field expertise.

Laurent Couture – Mentor and Ambassador


PPS Canada

Gestion BSP stands out by the quality of its products and the reasonable cost of their solutions for the scale of service they represent. We got answers to every question we asked.

Steeve Godbout – President


Imago Communication

It’s natural for our organization to recommend Gestion BSP. We trust them because we know that their solutions are always leading-edge technology. Their strength is to truly support their clients as part of a continuous improvement approach.

Jean Savoie – President


Bureau canadien de crédit qui est devenu Groupe SCF

In this pandemic time, the Zoho system implemented by Gestion BSP was perfect for us. The CRM has made it possible to centralize data and automate information to save a lot of time.

Alain Fortier – General manager


From Drakkar international

Gestion BSP took the time to listen to our needs and ask questions to know our corporate culture in order to be able to help us significantly.

Jacob Abagis – Business development director



I wanted a team that was able to support us. I am investing money but I always have good results and I like it!

Marc-Olivier Tanguay – Mortgage broker

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Global Tourisme

Following the relaunch after Covid, I would have been unable to keep pace without this Zoho tool implemented by Gestion BSP

Luzana Rada – President and CEO

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Armoires Design AD+

This Zoho tool allows us to optimize our entire production, supply, delivery and installation chain.

Dany Gilbert – Entrepreneur