All-inclusive IT Resource offering

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The benefits of outsourcing

By using IT outsourcing services, your company can enjoy many benefits, including the following:

  • Short-term improvement of overall operating conditions and efficiency by offloading aspects of various internal functions;
  • Saving time allowing your company to focus on restructuring, for example, or on its growth potential;
  • Access to advanced expertise and technologies that your company may not have;
  • Redirecting budgets, resources and time to be able to deliver better and faster or to work on what is most beneficial to you.

The service offer

Depending on the experience requested (price posted for a resource with 2 to 3 years of experience)
✔️ 20 hours per week
✔️ 40 hours per week

Hiring Fees

3,600 deposit creditable after 1 year this includes:

  • Search for a candidate
  • Interview(s)
✔️ from $41,000 per year
✔️ from $78,000 per year

You don’t have to worry about

  • of the equipment
  • space for an office
  • supervision
  • to surround it with an experienced team
  • social benefits

The agreement:

  • Minimum duration of 1 year
  • Monthly payment, 1 month in advance

The operation:

  • The IT resource is considered your employee
  • You are responsible for providing daily and weekly tasks
  • In the case of a part-time resource, you must give us a desired schedule per week (AM or PM). The schedule will be stable for the entire duration of the contract.

It's a turnkey solution

With IT outsourcing, you can accelerate your digital transformation and scale your development efforts in a flexible and cost-effective manner.