Digital transformation service


Is your company ready to begin its digital transformation? At BSP Management, we have the experience and the tools necessary to accompany you in your digital shift. Together, we’ll work to change your company’s culture by leveraging data and technology to help you make faster decisions and meet your customers’ needs. This will boost your growth and productivity, and you’ll see a rapid increase in profits. Learn more about our digital transformation service, process and success factors now!

Our process

The support you will receive:

Gestion BSP supports you in orchestrating your digital transformation. We offer you cutting-edge solutions adapted to your needs, on which your organizational transformation and the development of new business models will be based.

Realization of a diagnosis of your processes;

Identification of areas for improvement;

Development of a transformation strategy;

Implementation of state-of-the-art solutions;

Support and continuous improvement.

Whether we are talking about 4.0 audits, business model canvas, OKR, Lean tools or specific methodologies, Gestion BSP can help you in this process.

Why choose Gestion BSP for your digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a bit like building a house. If no plan is made before starting the work, the process is likely to be fraught with pitfalls and challenges that will increase the final cost of the project and the time required to complete it. At Gestion BSP, we have the expertise and tools required to make your digital transformation a success. As 4.0 Auditors accredited by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, we are able to help your company use digital technology to develop new products or expand your existing portfolio, for example.

+ What is the Industry 4.0 Audit (ESSOR)

The Industry 4.0 Audit program, replaced by the new ESSOR program as of February 2, 2022, aims to encourage Quebec companies to undertake a digital shift. The first step is to conduct a diagnostic analysis and a digital plan of your company to evaluate how you are positioned digitally. Then, change management must be planned according to the prioritized digital projects.

To learn more about this program, its prerequisites and eligible projects, visit the Investissement Québec website or contact a member of the Gestion BSP team!

+ Issues addressed by the digital transformation

The challenges of digital transformation can vary from one small or medium-sized business to another. While your company's size may make it easier to obtain the financing needed to grow, other challenges keep emerging, such as finding the right workforce. At Gestion BSP, we put our expertise at your service to work on many issues, such as

  • Emerging products and services in your industry;
  • Content monetization;
  • Generating qualified leads;
  • Online marketing (e-commerce);
  • Adjusting your business model to digital.

Success factors for your digital transformation

The success of your company’s digital transformation depends on several elements. Here are some of them:

  • Creating a climate for change by questioning what is and isn’t working in your company and discussing how digital technologies will help your SME;
  • The creation of a clear and precise action plan including the steps of the transformation process with short term objectives that allow quick gains and the maintenance of your team’s motivation;
  • Gaining employee support, starting with the executive team, and maintaining a dialogue throughout the digital transformation.