Business automation

When I walk into Apple stores, I’m always impressed with how they work. My last visit was to shop for a headset and I really enjoyed my experience when I went to the representative with my product.

He immediately “scanned” my article with the phone, then asked for my contact details which he could easily find (CRM connected to emails).

The item was automatically deducted from the inventory, (ERP) and the attendant immediately explained to me that when the quantity in inventory reached a certain level deemed too low, an automatic order was placed.

He then asked me if the invoice could be sent to my email address, (Accounting and Paperless Office) and everything was settled.

In my opinion, this is the perfect example of how a business should be run. All systems speak to each other by a series of rules and automations defined, so that the number of human interventions is reduced to a minimum. The result is astounding.

When I watch Amazon’s videos of robots bustling about managing inventory and seeing screens at McDonald’s to order, I realize that we have entered the era of automation.

I believe that successful companies of the future must follow this model if they want to continue to be competitive …

At BSP Americas, we believe that no matter what type of business you are, you need to create workflows. For more information on how to achieve this for your company, contact us.

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