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Zoho People

Human Resources Software

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Manage your human resources with Zoho People

This HR management solution aims to provide an exceptional employee experience and simplify HR operations. It offers a time management system and a performance management tool to optimize the potential of each individual.

Management of time

The system allows the management of time sheets, attendance time, vacations and more.

Insightful Analytics

Zoho People HR Analytics automatically calculates the metrics you need and offers smart reports that break down performance, workforce trends, industries, and more. This allows you to develop better HR initiatives at a glance.

High automations and integrations

Hiring and integrating new talent is both difficult and crucial. You can create a personalized onboarding experience based on experience or job roles, including predefined personal information and policy fields, or customize new ones to suit your specific needs.

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Advanced features for HR tasks

Zoho People is an HR software accessible from anywhere and on any device. This also allows the software to be updated in real time without having to perform manual downloads or updates.

The software has advanced features to manage HR tasks efficiently, such as an ever-changing employee database, workflows,  Smart HR and insightful analytics. This is ideal for businesses that are growing or subject to frequent change.

Zoho People offers a time and attendance system that helps optimize employee time and attendance while providing accurate reporting.

Zoho People a solution for all businesses

This solution is designed for companies of all sizes that aim to effectively manage their HR operations, retain talent, and improve business performance. Zoho People is tailored to support employees and adapt quickly to changes, delivering an exceptional employee experience.

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“Thanks to the BSP Management team, it allowed us to guide us in the Zoho Recruit and People tools to save us from wasting precious time discovering everything that was possible to do. The result obtained allows us to manage more than 350 employees effectively and above all with great efficiency. A huge thank you to the whole team, especially to Belén Varas.”

Miguel Ouimet

Chairman and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoho People

How can Zoho People’s learning and development system help teams learn more dynamically?2023-04-05T14:24:10-04:00

Zoho People offers a comprehensive learning and development system, with online courses and assessments to support dynamic learning for every team.

Is there a free trial for Zoho People?2023-04-05T14:24:36-04:00

A 30-day free trial for Zoho People is available on the Zoho People website. You will need to provide your professional details, however no credit card is required.

What is Zoho People’s price range?2023-03-13T09:34:00-04:00

The rates from Zoho People range from $1.50 to $10.00 per employee per month.