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Zoho, Your Partner in Seamless Management

Gestion BSP provides you with a Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool. The system we recommend is called Zoho. Improve relationships with your clients, and develop effective management habits with Zoho!

Data centralization
A powerful CRM allows you to consolidate all the information you need at a single, secure point.
Zoho maintains the durability of your data, which benefits your entire team, from prospecting to billing.
Excellent Records Tracking
A Client Relationship Management tools allows you to track records with precision, and stay informed about actions taken by your employees.
The way you manage your team, and the support you provide your colleagues and employees, will be better for it.
In-depth Client Knowledge
Zoho allows you to collect detailed data, to help you know more about your clients.
With that information, you'll be able to suggest products or services which suit their needs exactly.
Assessment of Business Opportunities
Using valuable data you gather, plan strategic actions to develop your client base, or to serve your existing clients.
This way, you will build a solid, trusting relationship. Your clients will know they can count on you to look after their needs.
Data Durability
A good Client Relationship Management system allows a business to store its data, no matter the kind of employee movement occurring within the organization.
Centralized information belongs to the business, stored securely and in a durable way.
Cloud Computing
Zoho functions in the cloud, which allows you to streamline your document management process and take advantage of cloud computing's numerous advantages.
This makes it the ideal tool for collaboration, communication, and sharing information throughout your whole organization.