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  • Toiture Couture had already decided to move towards a paperless office within 5 years. To discover a firm which could help us do precisely that was fabulous. That's how we began our business relationship. Together with Gestion BSP, we are implementing and using Google Drive applications to achieve our goal of a paperless office. The friendly approach, the expertise and the passion of the Gestion BSP team quickly put us at ease, and gave us confidence. So we entrusted our Google Apps implementation process to them. Gestion BSP: A must for anyone wanting to move into the cloud. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

    Laurent Couture, PresidentToiture Couture & Associés inc.
  • Following an introductory meeting about cloud computing, Gestion BSP piqued my curiosity and sparked my interest with an accessible tool, one that was especially practical. The needs assessment process for our business was clear and specific; the implementation phases for objectives were well-spaced, so as to allow us time to adapt gradually to the different changes. Costs related to the project were very affordable. One of our requirements was that we be able to improve our residential and commercial work timetables. We can now manage our timetables in real time, while making them accessible to our supervisors via their cellphone. Calendars are easy to manage, and we save a lot of time during meetings, and on changes to contracts in the timetable. What's more, because we have remote access to all the information we need to carry out our work, we no longer need to consult the paper hard copy in the office; one click, and all the details we need are at our fingertips. During project implementation, we were allowed to make improvements to different aspects, thus saving on our internet network and cellular telephone services. Thank you to the Gestion BSP team for its continual support, especially for its considerable availability, whether for telephone consultations, or for meetings at our office. A dynamic, professional team, which listens to our needs and responds to them efficiently.

    Marie-Claude Côté, Co-Owner, Centre de ventilation NCV

    Marie-Claude Côté, Co-OwnerCentre de ventilation NCV
  • Gestion BSP provided us with a solution for centralizing all our documents, as well as our client information. The Gestion BSP team gave us good advice, and trained us to use the services they provided. We see a difference in terms of our document management. We're still learning, and we still have questions about the Zoho CRM software, but the Gestion BSP team is making sure to properly address them. We especially liked the very specific training that was provided to us.

    Nathalie BoulianneRécom Armoires de cuisine inc.
  • Gestion BSP installed an internet-based schedule management system for the preparation and monitoring of work-routes for TechnoPieux Québec Est [Techno Metal Post™] teams, who install helical piles for our clients. We are very satisfied with the implementation of this system, because it allows us to consult our team schedules wherever we are, on an iPad or on a computer. We have reduced our use of paper to a minimum, and are saving a lot of time on managing our pile installation work routes. This way, we are able to ensure that the service we provide our clients is even more efficient.

    Claude Beaulieu, Vice-President (Marketing)TechnoPieux Québec Est